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Welcome to Univita Living

Univita Living is the first program to take a broad view of independence – allowing members to find, coordinate and manage all the care providers and services needed in one place. We make it easy to combine your social and care networks to provide a single source for objective, personalized guidance – built upon an unsurpassed based of knowledge and experience from experts in health and aging.

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Univita Living acts as Steve's guide to staying independent as he gets older. Right now, he uses the program to find housekeepers and someone to mow his lawn, but he's happy to know he can find in-home care of assisted living facilities when he needs them.

Univita Living has a provider network of over 250,000 different providers to support your needs.


Todd and Lisa have never wanted to be a burden to their family. They took the Independence Assessment and created an Action Plan so that their kids know their plan for the future.

By completing an Independence Assessment, Univita Living will be able to recommend steps to help you, or a loved one, maintain or improve the ability to live independently.

Living Environment

Bill's wife recently had a nasty fall and he wants to make their home of 50 years safer. A nurse came to their home to help him decide what changes to make.

Univita Living offers you the ability to help keep your home safe by identifying current or potential risks and can help find ways to make the necessary home modifications.


Loreen and her family use a Care Circle to stay up-to-date on how she's doing. They love how everything is in one place - appointments, pictures, messages and daily observations.

Care Circles allow friends and family to stay connected and informed. Once invited to a Care Circle, friends and family will get access to many of the same features in Univita Living.


What is Univita Living?

Whether caring for a loved one or planning for the future, Univita Living provides everything needed to maximize independence. We combine the tools to coordinate and manage care with a social experience to allow you to keep loved ones connected and informed.